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NameConsultantDate of ConsultationTime SpentPurpose
Deborah YaffeeRobyn Miller10/14/20224Total hours from 2022
Evelyn VoorheesDee Dice03/24/20233.5Met with clients summarize situation initiated action steps
cristine levitreHeather Morgan07/06/202215Digital Empowerment Grant
Bryna GreenspanDee Dice12/28/20221Website
Bryna GreenspanRobyn Miller08/15/20225Total Hours - August 15 - Aug 31, 2022
Bryna GreenspanDee Dice08/16/20222.5Total Hours - Aug 16, Dec 30, 2022
Bryna GreenspanHeather Morgan08/10/20224.5Total Hours - August 2022-Dec 282022
Gary BestRobyn Miller08/05/20227total Hours from 8.5.22 - 11.2.22
Paula Beckheather Morgan12/19/20222She would like a database devExtremely Lowoped for her business
Jane Barishrosmaie Goyette11/07/20222.5Jane began a bookkeeping practice and acquired a client who uses Quickbooks. She does not know Quickbooks and needs assistance.
Patricia BakerRobyn Miller03/09/20231Session #5: TikTok Videos & YouTube
Andrew MacNeillMichele Kenney2Andrew needs accounting help for his family business
Lynne PatersonDee Dice03/08/20231Add amendment to digital Grant
cristine levitreRobyn Miller03/06/20231Session #5: Instagram copy and account navigation
Charles RyanMichele Kenney03/06/20231discuss Crowdfunding grant
Evelyn VoorheesMichele Kenney03/06/20232.5discuss MGCC grants
ROBYN O'BRIENMichele Kenney03/06/20230.5Discuss Biz-m-power and digital grants
Beckie KravetzDee Dice02/22/20231.5Total February hours on Empower Digital Grant
Bryna GreenspanDee Dice02/21/20233.75Total Hours for the Empower digital Grant
stephanie stoudenmireDee Dice02/20/20233.5Total Hours for February for Empower Digital Grant
Nikki GardnerDee Dice02/28/20233.75Worked on Empower Digital Grant - total February hours
Leslie FerrinDee Dice02/20/20234.5Total hours for Digital grant in February
Tonya LemosDee Dice02/24/20234.25Total work on Empower Digital Grant including zoom
Anne LordaRosemarie Goyette02/26/20231Bookkeeping
cristine levitreRobyn Miller03/02/20231Session #4: IG accounts
NameConsultantDate of ConsultationTime SpentPurpose